Tungsten Carbide Preforms Blanks Irregular Wear Parts Blocks

Find high-quality Tungsten Carbide Preforms, Blanks, Irregular Wear Parts, and Blocks at our factory. Durable and precise components for various industries.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Carbide Resistance Parts
Cemented Tungsten Carbide
Cobalt Binder or Nicke Binder
86-93 Hra
Application 2
Machines Wear Parts
Oil Filed Wear Parts
Food Machines
Name 2
Cemented Carbide Components
Good Quality
Transport Package
Standard Packing for Cemented Carbide Rods
As per the Carbide Drawings
HS Code
Production Capacity
5000 PCS /Month

Product Description

Tungsten Carbide Preforms Blanks Irregular Wear Parts Blocks
  Tungsten Carbide Preforms Blanks Irregular Wear Parts Blocks


The Introduction of the cemented Tungsten Carbide Components, Wear Parts.

 Tungsten Carbide or Hardmetal is really a kind of alloy that give you surprise, after so many years of innovation, many grades were developed to cater to the demand of many Industries.

Thanks to so many years of experience and the high accuracy of our machines, we are now almost able to make any types of Carbide Components ( wear Parts) we meet, they have started to reply on Rydmet Carbide's Carbide Wear Comnponents and Wear Parts.

We like to provide the professional solutions for our clients through the satisfied products and service.

Besides the traditional Carbide Seal Faces,Rings, Sleeves, Bushings, Nozzles,Valve Part, Balls, our Engineering Team are always willing to challenge themselves in making irregular Carbide Components and Parts.

The following is some of our Tungsten Carbide Components/Wear Parts we make usually, usually:

• Tungsten Carbide Bushings

• Carbide Sleeves for centrifugal pump

•Tungsten Drill Guide

Carbide Mechanical Sea Faces

Carbide Shaft Sleeves

Carbide Plugs

Carbide Valve Balls.

•Tungsten Carbide Valve Seats and Stems

• Tungsten Carbide Oil and Natural Gas Wear Parts and Components

• Tungsten Carbide Nozzles

• Tungsten Carbide High Pressure Pump Components

• Tungsten Carbide for -Flow Restrictors

• Centrifugal Pump Components

• Centrifugal Carbide Wear Tiles

•  Carbide Wear Parts for Choke Valve, Grate Valve, Control Valve..etc.

we also make the Carbide  irregular carbide components from our clients that we can not name and don't know what is the application at all.

According to the specific Application, the Carbide Wear Parts, Components can be available in Cobalt and Nickel binded Grade and special prepared Grades, which can almost solve all the wear or erosion problems we are facing.


Rydmet Standard  Carbide  Grade Chart for Wear Parts, Components
Grade Code Binder Content & Type Hardness (Ra) Hardness Density (g/cm3) Transverse Rupture Strength (TRS) Grain Size
RD06X 6% Co 91.5 1530 14.95 2,300 Fine
RD08X 8% Co 90.8 1450 14.75 2,500 Fine
RD15X  15% Co 88.9 1250 13.9 2,700 Fine
RD06M 6% Co 90.3 1380 14.95 2500 Medium
RD08M 8% Co 89.5 1300 14.75 2600 Medium
RD011M 11% Co 89.2 1270 14.3 2,650 Medium
RD015M 15% Co 87 1070 14.0 2,650 Medium
RD06S  6% Co 93 1790 14.95 2,600 Submicron
RD10S  10% Co 91.8 1580 14.45 2,650 Submicron
RD10C 10% Co 88 1160 14.5 2,700 Coarse
FC11C 11% Co 87.5 1110 14.45 2,800 Coarse
RD06N 6% Ni 90 1350 14.9 1,800 Medium
RD08N 8% Ni 88.5 1700 14.7 1,900 Medium
RD10N 10% Ni 88 1160 14.5 1,930 Medium
RD12N 12% Ni 87.5 1110 14.1 1,950 Medium
RD06N2 6% Ni+Cr 89 1250 14.2-14.9 1,600 Medium
RD08N2 8% Ni+Cr 88.5 1210 14.0-14.8 1,700 Medium
RD06UF 6% Co 94 2010 14.9 3,800 Ultra-fine

Tungsten Carbide Preforms Blanks Irregular Wear Parts Blocks

Contation Information:
  • Contact person: Gorge. Cheung ( Export Manger)
  • website: rydmet2018.en.made-in-china.com



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